Floresta is a Japanese chain which specialises in organic doughnuts. Not only that, but they have also gained recognition for their super cute animal shaped treats. The shop originally started in Nara and spread throughout Kansai, and even further to the whole of Japan thanks to their popularity. Now they have branches throughout the country.

But just when you thought their creature creations couldn’t get any cuter, they teamed up with one of the leading companies in kawaii, Sanrio, on the cutest Halloween character doughnuts ever seen.

Now the creators of Hello Kitty and Gudetama have lent the likeness of two other beloved characters for some adorable Christmas collab doughnuts at Floresta, which will only be sold during the holiday season.

Firstly, the pudding-loving golden retriever, Pompompurin, makes an appearance, popping his head out the middle of the doughnut. His face is coated with pumpkin flavoured chocolate, and his floppy ears are made from cashew nuts.

Muffin, Pompompurin’s little hamster friend, is chilling in the second doughnut, with a white chocolate coated face and tiny almond ears.

Floresta have made both of the available doughnuts look like a festive wreath by covering the top portion in matcha coconut. No artificial colouring is used in the doughnuts whatsoever and the whole thing is edible.

The doughnuts cost 450 yen each (not including tax) and each one is carefully made by hand so there are only limited amounts available.

They will be available in select branches across Japan from 11th December to 25th December. Check out Floresta’s website for a full list of shops where the doughnuts can be bought!

By - Jess.