Exactly how badly do you want to draw two cards? Well the next time you're in the middle of an intense Yu-Gi-Oh! battle, you don't even need to play the Pot of Greed card, because Bandai has released a life sized decorative greedy pot of its own!

The grinning decorative pot clocks in at just under ten inches (25 centimeters), and while you're free to whip it out in the middle of a card duel, makes for quite the fun household ornament. I mean, look at it.

The pot is crafted by order by artists using the traditional pottery and painting style of Mino province in Japan, so you get your very own unique Pot of Greed.

If you're in Japan, you can place an order (currently backlogged) from Premium Bandai's online shop. Overseas card players may want to look at their international shipping page.

By - Big Neko.