Kirby’s ruddy cheeks and round, pink physique are the envy of many, and now finally thanks to the new stylish ‘Playful Kirby’ store, we too can Kirby-ify our appearance.

The pop-up shop, which is appearing for the first time in Harajuku’s La Foret shopping mall, will feature fashionable goods, all bearing motifs from the classic video game series, in collaboration with two big names in the fashion world.

Shogo Sekine, an illustrator and typographer whose designs have gained popularity within trendy circles, has collaborated with Nintendo on some original apparel which reflects the shop’s ‘playful’ theme.

There’s clothes, bags, phone cases, and even cups and stationery.

Kirby has also sucked up Converse Stars’ fashionable sensibilities with a range of gender neutral designs. As stars are already a common motif in Kirby’s world, it’s the perfect match for some adorable character inspired goods.

There’s clothes, bags, hats, sparkly phone cases, and mugs among other items.

Check out the Playful Kirby website for all items and prices.

The store will sadly only be around for a short time, from 16th December to 26th, so if you happen to be in Harajuku this month, grab some stylish Kirby garb at Playful Kirby!

If not, don't fret! The Kirby Cafe has recently become a permanent fixture in Tokyo, so you can eat whatever feelings of disappointment you may have in the form of delicious Kirby shaped burgers!

By - Jess.