An honor at the Sony PlayStation awards

Along with the 25th Anniversary of the PlayStation, the globally acclaimed NieR:Automata was one of five titles that won the prestigious PlayStation Platinum Prize at this year's Sony PlayStation Awards in Tokyo. This award is bestowed upon titles that have sold over a million units.

NieR:Automata in the spotlight

Titles that manage to win this prestigious award are clearly doing something right, but exactly what makes a genuinely spectacular game is still a very subjective matter. The same game can elicit a myriad of feelings from an ever-expanding gaming audience, but pure brilliance, true creativity rarely goes without notice. It's only natural for NieR:Automata to be basking in the spotlight, even two years after its original release, but it's largely thanks to the creative mastermind behind it all: Yoko Taro. It's because of his genius that this title not only became a massive success in Japan but also on a larger, global scale, inspiring a vastly diverse fanbase to get more active by creating fan art, fan fiction, musical covers, or merely engaging with others on social media. From the lackluster release of the original NieR title in 2010, the series has certainly taken off.

Speculation on the future

Now, we're left wondering what could be next! In celebration of Nier's 10th Anniversary, a plethora of events have already been announced for 2020. After two years since its initial release, NieR:Automata, the second iteration of the NieR series published by Square Enix, has seen over 4 million units sold globally, both physical and digital, a newly announced concert world tour, an entirely new orchestra concert for Japan next year, as well as a second run of the YoRHa Ver.1.3a stage play. Last but not least, there is still much hype and speculation surrounding the next Yoko Taro game, which, as stated by Square Enix producer Saito Yosuke in a recent interview with, should be mentioned by the end of the year.

NieR Links

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By - Terra Dragos.