Edo Wonderland or Nikko Edo Mura is situated in Nikko City and represents one of the most popular destinations in Japan due to its idyllic views and abundance in history and culture.

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Edo Mura not only recreates the most peaceful period in Japan’s history but also gives you a chance to try out some of the outfits characteristic to Edo and even become one of the historical characters of that time (such as the Demon Fukucho/ Vice-Commander of Shinsengumi: Hijikata Toshizo).

The Edo Jidai, also known as Tokugawa Period was a time when Japan’s economy, arts, and cultural aspects bloomed is one of Japan’s most dominant periods and being able to have a taste of that period will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

There is a variety of costumes, including those of samurai, princesses in kimono, courtesans, ninjas, even Edo farmers you can choose from, get into your character and enjoy Edo to its fullest while strolling in the town.

Source: @cinnamonellie

It is a very educational and inspiring place, the architecture is also beautiful and probably, you will agree when I say that one can spend forever there and not get bored.

You can enjoy various shows in the theatres or the many exhibits available, try out the Edo cuisine and have fun while learning through the many activities you can experience in Edo Mura.

Here I will introduce you a few of the things I tried out and I believe you will also love:

1. Yabusame Horse Archery Experience

For the activities in the samurai training institute such as sword care& etiquette experience, samurai language experience, yabusame or kenjutsu swordsmanship, you will need to book in advance. The same goes for the comedy play, Ryogoku-za, and Ninja Karasu Goten, combat where ninja skills are shown to the spectators of the show.

I tried out the Yabusame activity and was taught step by step the techniques of Japanese archery while riding on a horse.

I must say it’s so much more difficult than what I would have expected and from the point, you introduce your arrows in your obi and the rituals to riding the horse while shooting. There is so much to remember and you need to be aware that you are shooting while riding the horse, so that makes things much more difficult. Nevertheless, this is something worth trying.

2. Shamisen Experience

In this workshop, you will learn how to play one of the most famous Japanese songs ”Sakura Sakura” on the three-stringed Japanese instrument while being guided by the instructor and don’t worry if you are a beginner! The teacher will carefully guide you through all the steps and you’ll find it very easy to follow and play the song.

3. Ninja Training Hall and Ninja Shikake Mechanical Maze

The ninja training hall reminded me of Naruto and the many Jutsu forms portrayed in the anime, especially genjutsu because this hall together with the maze felt like an illusion itself. I felt super confused and got to find out how the ninja trained and used to trick their enemies in the past.

4. Makeup Experience

You’d think that this is experience is only for ladies, but in fact, you get to choose from a temporary water tattoo (in many designs available) and one of the most beautiful lipsticks made from Yamagata’s safflower in a majestic color of red.

Here are only a few of the activities I tried, but there are so many other available! For some of them, such as Daruma Experience, Shuriken Dojo, Renting costumes, etc. there is a small fee, but most of them can be tried for free.

Below you can find out more information about the village, prices and attractions:

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edo Mura Official Website


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