Krispy Kreme already announced their super cute set of New Year doughnuts to bring some festive vibes to your coffee break or holiday party. On offer is some sweet treats shaped like snowmen and even a chocolatey mouse to celebrate 2020’s Chinese zodiac animal.

These adorable doughnuts will go on sale from 26th December in Krispy Kreme branches all over Japan. However, the ‘premium’ Krispy Kreme New Year doughnut is so special, you can only buy it in one particular department store in Nagoya (JR Nagoya Takashimaya).

If you happen to be a lucky inhabitant of Nagoya, you can celebrate New Year in luxury, with a Krispy Kreme Premium Mouse.

While in English we call it the year of the rat, the Japanese word ‘nezumi’ makes no distinction between mice and rats, so both rodents are appropriate celebratory motifs. Possibly to emphasise cuteness, Krispy Kreme have chosen to have a mouse as the main star of their New Year doughnut.

For the premium range, luxury ingredients such as whipped cream is used, and each freshly made doughnut is decorated, one by one in-store.

The Premium Mouse doughnut is coated with pudding flavoured butter crunch chocolate to look like some cheese that the creature has nibbled its way through. The mouse itself is made of whipped cream with chocolate ears and features. Carrying on the cheesy theme, the middle of the doughnut is stuffed with cream cheese. The mouse is even holding a triangular slice of a cheddar cheese flavoured snack.

Like the other New Year Krispy Kreme offerings, the doughnut goes on sale from 26th December to about the middle of January and will cost 300 yen plus tax. But you’ll have to scurry on over to JR Nagoya station’s Takashimaya department store to nibble on this lucky treat.

By - Jess.