Whether it’s a memorable place, a gift we’ve received, or best friends, everyone has something that they can call a treasure. And when someone tries to snatch that treasure away from us, we resist with all our might.

That doesn’t just go for humans, it goes for animals as well. If you’ve ever had a pet dog, you’ve probably experienced the case of a missing sock or shoe, only to find your pup has claimed ownership and slobbered all over it.

But for Bingo the otter, the treasure isn’t a toy or a blanket. It’s his litterbox.

When Bingo’s owner tried to clean his potty, the otter wholeheartedly protested, trying to grab on with his little paws, and chirping in frustration. He clearly thought he was being robbed of his treasure.

It’s not like Bingo’s owner was doing anything wrong. We all realize of course the whole act is indeed for Bingo’s own benefit. A clean litterbox means a clean otter, and you would think a happy one. But here that’s just not the case.

Luckily the otter was able to calm himself down with some treats and realized to some degree that he was not the victim of a heinous act.

However, it is important for us all to realize (especially Bingo’s owner) just why the otter was so attached to his litterbox.

After a bit of research, I came across an article in the New York Times which you can find here. Apparently, otters, among other animals, don’t socialize in bars and cafes like we do. Bingo is rather unique in that he has a social media presence, but for most otters they rely on a communal latrine to socialize.

Like humans, the otters leave their posts on the shared webpages for others to like or comment on. Except in this case their posts are poop and the webpage is their shared bathroom site.

According to the Times article, sea otter researcher Mr. Barocas has found that otters place a lot of importance on what he calls “the poop dance.” You can check out this peculiar social ritual here.

If you fell in love with Bingo, you can subscribe and find more videos of the cute little guy and his playmate Belle here.

By - Mujo.