Godzilla has been rearing its spectacular, sometimes delicious, head a lot during 2019 in celebration of the kaiju kings 65th birthday. Out of the beasts many incarnations this year, supersized, squishy, and even as sake, Chibi Godzilla is by far the cutest!

The little guy, was created especially for the 65th anniversary by Chiharu Sakazaki, famous for designing the Penguin logo for the Suica rail pass in Japan. Her latest brainchild, Chibi Godzilla, has been busy, appearing in books, popcorn commercials, and now as a pair of trainers!

Chibi Godzilla Trainers | © PR Times, Inc.

Shoe store, Patrick, unleashed their Chibi Godzilla line of trainers at the end of October. The shoe’s design is inspired by the mini monster, colored the same blue-green and featuring a Chibi Godzilla logo on the tongue. The insole is also patterned, showing Chibi Godzilla in various, adorable poses.

Stylish trainers are adorned with a Chibi Godzilla Logo | © PR Times, Inc.

The trainers are available in 3 different styles for men. Depending on size, the design differs slightly from kids to adults:

Shoes are available in 3 different styles which differ by size | © PR Times, Inc.

  • Chibi Godzilla Marathon (adult shoe only)
  • Size: 22.5cm - 28.0cm
  • Price: ¥15,000 (excluding tax)
  • Chibi Godzilla Velcro (junior model)
  • Size: 19.0cm - 22.0cm
  • Price: ¥9,500 (excluding tax)
  • Chibi Godzilla Velcro (kids model)
  • Size: 14.0cm - 18.0cm
  • Price: ¥7,500 (excluding tax)

The appearance of Godzilla on the streets of Tokyo is normally enough to send residents running in fear, but in these sneakers, you’ll only attract crowds to marvel at your style!

The shoes are available online and in store across Japan, including the Ginza branch below:

  • Patrick Labo Ginza
  • Ginza JK Bldg., 1 Chome−21−5 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo, 104-0061
  • Opening Hours: Weekdays, 11AM - 8PM (7PM on weekends)
  • Website

By - Toby M.