Last month, the latest instalment of Pokemon, Sword and Shield, finally went on sale and brought with it a whole host of brand new creatures to catch. True to form, the world’s only permanent official Pokemon Cafes in Tokyo and Osaka went to work creating some limited-time-only dishes to celebrate, featuring the fresh faces of the series.

The first bout of Sword and Shield menu items are already underway. It features all three of the game’s starter Pokemon, and thanks to the popularity of these dishes, their run has been extended until 19th March 2020. (Check out our previous article for the details!)

From 18th of January, the next round of awesome Sword and Shield themed foods will debut on the Pokemon Cafe menu.

Galarian Weezing, an industrial revolution-esque Pokemon, is a regional form which came about due to the inhalation of factory pollution in Galar. Luckily, the gases around this pancake Weezing (1628 yen) are not noxious pollutants, but cotton candy and matcha whipped cream. However, if you pour blueberry sauce on the cotton candy, you may see some type of chemical change…

The ever-hungry Morpeko has been recreated in omelette rice form (1628 yen) with two different sauces (tomato sauce and demi-glace) to represent his dualistic full belly/hangry nature.

These menu items will be available in both the Tokyo and the Osaka branch of the Pokemon Cafe from 18th January to 19 March 2020.

If you want to want to catch these fleeting treats, you'll need to reserve ahead online. Check the Pokemon Cafe's official website for the full menu and to book a table.

Check out our other articles for more info on the Pokemon Cafe, or learn about the Pokemon Center Tokyo DX next door.

By - Jess.