Japanese doughnut chain Mister Donut has become the representative for adorable Pokemon doughnut treats since the release of their adorable Pikachu face shaped treats last year. (Although they may have some competition from the official Pokemon Cafe sweets specialist which just opened in Tokyo…)

This year, Mister Donut’s cute Pokemon offerings took on a decidedly Christmassy theme, and as soon as Christmas is over the store is releasing their own lucky New Year bags filled with two of the best things in the world, doughnut vouchers and exclusive Pokemon merch!

New Year lucky bags, called ‘fukubukuro’, are a Japanese tradition which many stores participate in, from small independent shops, to world-famous brands. Buying one of these bags, filled with random goods, allows the buyer to get a load of awesome stuff at a much lower price than usual, as a sort of year-end gift to customers.

For example, the cheapest bag that Mister Donut offers costs 1,100 yen and contains a card which can be swapped for 10 doughnuts, worth up to 160 yen each. Based on just this voucher, you’ve already got your money's worth, even before looking at the sweet Pokemon goods that are also included. Namely, a blanket and a calendar, featuring the starter Pokemon from the new Sword and Shield game, as well as some other familiar faces.

There are two other bags available and each one gets incrementally more expensive, but with even more cool Pokemon merchandise included.

The 2,200 yen bag includes a card worth 20 doughnuts, plus an eco-bag and a roll of masking tape, as well as the blanket and calendar.

The 3,300 yen bag is stuffed with a 30-doughnut card and all the Pokemon goods previously mentioned, along with a Pokemon diary and a clear file. If more than one design is shown for the included merchandise, the one in the bag will be random... for those who like an element of surprise within their fukubukuro!

The doughnut vouchers have a use-by date of 31st May, a two month extension on last year’s, which apparently many customers complained was too short a time buy so many doughnuts.

Fukubukuro are a fun year's end tradition, but the most popular ones can be as hard to catch as a rare Pokemon, with people reserving in advance or simply lining up for hours. Pokemon themed bags are usually in demand, so if you're willing to brave the rush on Boxing Day, check out the Mister Donut website for your nearest stockist.

By - Jess.