Coming off Santa Boots, strawberry short cake, and nutty chocolate Christmas-themed Frappuccinos releases, Starbucks Japan is now shifting its focus toward the country's central holiday period--oshogatsu, the New Year.

To celebrate the New Year, Starbucks Japan is dipping into the Japanese tradition of enjoying mochi over the holiday hoping for good fortune in the upcoming year with the "Azuki Kinako Warabimochi Fuku Frappuccino"!

While Starbucks Japan has used mochi in their Frappuccinos before, this is their first one using warabimochi, which is sweet bracken starch jelly usually coated with kinako, sweet roasted soybean flour.

The new Frappuccino, made with the idea of celebrating good fortune ("Fuku" is the Japanese word for "fortune") in the New Year with traditional Japanese sweets, has a jiggly texture thanks to the use of the jelly-like warabimochi. It has a sweetened azuki red bean base and rich coffee and kinako powder aroma, and is topped off with whipped cream and freeze-dried azuki red beans.

Those in the mood for a similar flavor but prefer a hot drink can opt for the new Azuki Kinako Fuku Latte, which combines espresso and warmed milk with a red bean paste sauce and kinako powder.

Both beverages will be available from December 26th, 2019 to January 16th, 2020. Until then, Starbucks fans can enjoy the newly released Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino.

By - Big Neko.