Of all your possessions, you probably wouldn’t rate your phone charging cable as one of the most exciting things you own. Actually, you would probably say it was one of the most banal things.

But as an important part of our lives, our phone chargers deserve to feel special too, and what better way to impart instant cuteness and charm to any item than adorning them with a beloved anime character.

We’ve seen charging cable accessories shaped like Studio Ghibli characters before, as well as items including the ever-popular Pokemon. But this next one is for fans of arguably the GOAT magical girl anime, Sailor Moon.

To add a dash of moon power to your smartphone while charging, you can choose either the title character herself, or her black cat Luna.

Although the previous character cable accessories were just as cute, the only downside was that they looked like they had been designed by Vlad the Impaler. But that feature was was easily skirted for the Sailor Moon ones, by putting the cable through a bow that the characters seem to be jumping on.

These three cute charger covers not only jazz up the humble charger cable, but are also practical since they stop the cable from becoming disconnected by accident.

These 'cable bites' cost 680 yen plus tax, and there's a whole website to browse through to see if your favourite character could become your little charging companion!

By - Jess.