Felissimo are a Japanese brand that specialise in cute and fun items that you never knew you needed until you see it. From super realistic oyster bags to Buddhist statue scratching posts for cats, you never know what they will come up with next.

The new Star Wars film is one of the movie moments of the month, and to celebrate, Felissimo have put their style know-how to a Jedi master-inspired collaboration to help Star Wars fans bring the power of the Force into their every day fashion.

The Jedi robe has been reimagined as a practical winter appropriate dress that cuts off just below knee length, with flared sleeves. It can be worn with or without the brown sash, depending on how Jedi you feel that day.

Queen Amidala’s iconic meadow picnic dress from Episode II also makes an appearance. Although the original gown is a bit too flashy for every day wear, Felissimo's design uses the most recognisable elements, such as the intricate flower design, the delicate netting and regal gold colour, to create a more everyday look. Padme’s ostentatious headpiece has been dressed down to a more wearable matching headband. You too can exude all the elegance of the Naboo royal family, even in your daily life.

The perfect accessory to the dress is this stylish velour drawstring bag featuring the Naboo royal family crest. The design is based on the robes worn by the queen’s ladies in waiting.

For lazier days, there’s some comfy and casual sweatshirts featuring motifs from the Star Wars series.

Any of these trendy pieces would make the perfect outfit to go see a Star Wars marathon. They can currently be found on Felissimo’s online shop.

By - Jess.