Last year Japanese oddity shop Village Vanguard added the popular MATAGI series of animal warmers by creator takakukei to their already massive catalog of cute and quirky animal-themed goods. The series allows you to wear sloth, chinchilla, otter, and bunny-motif warmers to brave cold weather, and even turn yourself into an adorable animal mecha.

Some new additions have been made this year, with shoebill stork, anteater, and pig family animal buddies here to keep you warm and cling to you this winter season.

Both the anteater and shoebill warmers are shaped (with clamping buttons) to warm your shoulders, neck, and chest.


Shoebill Stork

The pig warmer (which comes with two attachable piglets), is big enough to fasten around your waist. The piglets can also be worn around your wrists and ankles.


Each warmer is available from Village Vanguard's online shop in Japan (although takakukei has other shops listed on their website).

By - Big Neko.