Hakuba Valley

One hour from the Nagano Station, Hakuba Valley has grown in popularity since the 1998 Winter Olympics that was held in the area.

The place is famous not only between Japanese residents but also foreigners because of its amazing quality powder snow and the unique experiences you can only get in the Japanese Alps of Nagano Prefecture.

Where to stay and eat?

For a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes, I recommend making a reservation somewhere in the Happo Village, as it is situated very close to everything and you have easy access to the terrains and resorts around.

For those looking for a foreigner/vegan-friendly place to eat, you should head to the Rabbit Hole. Last time I went there, I ordered a grilled burger and a coffee with soy milk and it was delicious. The staff is very nice and it has a pleasant atmosphere you will love!

Hakuba Happo-One

Hakuba Happo-One is probably the most famous and largest out of all the resorts in the Valley and the excellent texture of the snow that is extremely light makes it a memorable place for those who come to enjoy its alpine ski venues.

Even though it might be more suited for intermediate or advanced skiers, a few options for beginners are also available.

The area has a few gorgeous sightseeing spots, too so if you go, don’t miss a trip to the Matsumoto Castle and the temples surrounding the area and don’t forget to go looking for the snow monkeys that can be found in hot springs around the area.

Hakuba Valley area is very accessible by train, bus or car and takes only around an hour to get there from Nagano Station, so if you are coming to Japan this winter, a trip to Hakuba will bring the best experience out of your holiday and will be a memorable time for you and your beloved ones.


By - cinnamonellie.