Garrett, a 'gourmet' popcorn brand, was first established in Chicago, but it has exploded in popularity in the land of the rising sun. In recent years, a queue stretching out the door and down the road has been a standard fixture of their Harajuku branch.

They’re also no stranger to limited-time-only Japan exclusive flavours which would make any popcorn fans envious.

The Matcha Truffle Caramel Crisp is such a flavour, created especially for the New Year holiday period. Garrett’s classic caramel crisp popcorn has been coated in white chocolate then covered in bitter matcha powder to counteract the luxurious sweetness.

The limited edition souvenir tins are something to behold as well, they’ve been decorated with traditional Japanese motifs like plum blossom, and there’s even a cheeky little rodent incorporated in the design to celebrate 2020’s Chinese zodiac animal. If matcha isn’t your thing but you’d love to get your hands on this pretty popcorn container, there’s a range of flavours that you can fill it with.

But if these treats aren’t quite lavish enough for an extravagant New Year’s get-together, the even more limited edition Black Truffle popcorn uses the finest ingredient in Garrett’s history. The rich aromatic black truffle flavour pairs perfectly with champagne and other alcoholic beverages. This rare snack, which comes in snazzy gold popcorn cans, will only be available for ten days from December 27th to January 5th.

Garrett Popcorn shops can be found in Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya and Osaka. The limited time only Matcha Truffle Caramel Crisp flavour comes in various sizes and will be on sale until 9th January 2020.

By - Jess.