With the Japanese New Year comes the retail tradition of awesome giveaways. These come in the form of 'fukubukuro' lucky bags bursting with items, or as original gifts that come with New Year bumper packs.

While you can go straight to the source to try and secure a Pokemon Center fukubukuro, luckily this year there’s also some amazing crossover goods coming from famous brands in Japan, improving your chances of catching some exclusive Pokemon merchandise super effectively!

While Mister Donut have gone for lucky bags stuffed with original goods and doughnut vouchers, another sweet chain store are getting in on it with their own take on Pokemon merchandise.

If you purchase Baskin Robbins Japan’s New Year variety pack, you can consume your delicious ice cream on original and beautiful plates, inspired by traditional Japanese art.

While these days everyone is pushing the new Sword and Shield Pokemon which have just been revealed (like these limited time only Pokemon Cafe menu items…), Baskin Robbins are keeping it classic with their four available designs.

Two of the original fan favourites, Pikachu and Eevee, are shown having a little stroll under the red plum blossom.

The compelling duo of Pikachu and Mew have a light pink theme on their dish. Motifs such as more blossom, Japanese style patterns and mountains give this plate a very Japanese charm.

A legendary Pokemon from generation 2 swoops in to join Pikachu on another blossoming pink design.

A mysterious purple crescent surrounds Pikachu and Dedenne who are frolicking among some swirly clouds in the fourth option.

The ‘Sweet New Year’ variety pack itself comes in an adorable Pokemon emblazoned box and are perfect for ice cream lovers celebrating New Year. It comes in various sizes with varying amounts of Pokemon plates included.

The variety ice cream packs include cup cake sized scoops in either small or regular size. Depending on the size and the amount of flavours in the box, you will be gifted a different number of plates.

If you choose a small box of 6 (1550 yen) you get one plate, but a box of 12 (2990 yen) gets you three. If you choose regular size and go for a 6 pack (2130 yen) you get 3 dishes, and a regular box of 12 (2990 yen) will get you the full set of four Pokemon plates. Often with free gifts like these customers are given a design at random, but Baskin Robbins are allowing patrons to pick which plate they want (as long as they haven't ran out, obviously).

The Sweet New Year Pokemon box is available from New Years Day until 13th January 2020 in Baskin Robbins branches across Japan. Pokemon campaigns are always popular, so you'll have to be quick if you want to catch 'em all!

By - Jess.