Monster IDOL is a project planned by “Suiyoubi no Downtown” (“Wednesday’s Downtown”), a variety show named after the popular manzai duo (Japanese comedians) Downtown formed of Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada.

Downtown is probably the most influential and most popular owarai(comedians) duo in Japan, many of other comedians being influenced by them to start on their path as comedians in Japan.

They currently host many TV shows and one of those is Wednesday’s Downtown, on TBS, every Wednesday from 10 PM.

What is the show about?

What they do in the show is invite different entertainers that bring some “説”(setsu)/ theories and present the idea in front of the audience, then test it usually by bringing different comedians to reenact the situation.

Besides many other setsu, Dokkiri(pranks), monomane(impersonating) and battles, one of the most popular segment is represented by the “Kuro Chan” corner.

Kuro Chan, a member of Yasuda Dai Circus comedians, often gets blindfolded and brought somewhere to a shooting location, left there until he wakes up then suddenly gets thrown out of helicopters or bridges, put in different situations, comical or dangerous at the staff’s choice.

One of the most famous series was Monster House, a parody of the Japanese Reality TV Show, Terrace house where men and women gather in a house (in Japan or abroad) and start living for a while, period while couples are formed.

Monster House was something like that, but with a pervert ojisan (Kuro Chan) as the main character.

After the success of Monster House, another project took life and that is “Monster Idol” and our main topic for today.

Welcome to Monster Idol

Kuro Chan is well-known for being an idol otaku, he just loves idols and is constantly in search of a girlfriend, so the producers thought “Why not giving him a chance to make an idol group?” and that is how all started.

The girls who signed up for this had no idea who is going to become their producer and purely signed up for another audition to fulfill their dream: to become an IDOL.

Kuro chan arrived blindfolded in a room where many girls aiming to become an idol were and was suddenly told he will be their producer and he needs to gradually eliminate the girls until only 4 are left.

During the whole project, Kuro Chan was not only looking for idols, but also a girlfriend. Whoever managed to please him by kissing, letting him touch them and “showed” their love towards their producer, had a better chance to not be eliminated.

Kuro chan was attracted to two of the girls, Nao and Kaede and even named a spy to find out what they truly think of him! After finding out their true feelings, especially Nao’s, he made the girls feel even more miserable and they just wouldn’t stop crying because of the treatment they received from Kuro chan.

In the end, 4 girls were chosen and Kaede was dropped because Kuro chan had his eyes on her and wanted her to become his girlfriend.

Let’s not forget that we are talking about Suiyoubi no Downtown here.

There was no way to just let him do as he pleased, so at the end of the project, the producers informed him that Mameshiba no Taigun, the idol group Kuro chan formed will release their debut single at Tower Records.

However, there will be three versions of it: one where he can keep on staying as their producer, another where he will be dismissed and a third one where not only is he dismissed, but he also gets punished. A week after, taking into consideration which of the three CDs was sold the most, his and the group’s future was to be decided live on the 2 hour special.

The result was number three and Kuro Chan got punished, dismissed and Kaede, who was dropped because of his personal feelings, joined the group as their 5th member of the group.

All’s well that ends well.

You can find out more about Suiyoubi no Downtown on their Official Website here and below are the links for the official twitter page of Mameshiba no Taigun and Monster Idol.


More information on the TBS Website: Monster Idol

By - cinnamonellie.