Who doesn’t want to win the lottery, right? In Japan, you can find Takarakuji (treasure) lottery tickets sold almost everywhere.

Especially before New Year’s, they say chances to win a huge amount of money are bigger because of the New Year’s Jumbo lottery(Nenmatsu Jumbo Takarakuji/年末ジャンボ 宝くじ).

You have two ways of purchasing it:

1. Bara バラ(separate), 10 pieces with different numbers on each of them (from 0 to 9)

2. Renban 連番, again 10 tickets per set that has the same numbers up to the 5th digit.

Now, here are two of the places I recommend going before trying out your luck:

1. Arayayama Jinja

Besides the beautiful view, the Arayayama Jinja is known to be one of the Shinto shrines that have the best fortune luck in Japan.

Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Fujiyoshida City, at the bottom of Fuji Mountain, the scenery and atmosphere of the place are simply unforgettable.

The main deity of the shrine is Ooyama Matsumi Mikoto and it is said to bring fortune, prosperity in business and many other benefits to those who visit and pray to the deity.

Arayayama Jinja Official Website


2. Torinokosansho Jinja

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A serene place surrounded by greens and nature, Torinokosan in Tochigi Prefecture is a hidden gem in Japan.

You can discover the biggest owl statue in Japan and pray so you can win the lottery or simply have good luck in life, enjoy its surroundings and start an adventure to find out how many owls surround the area, pet them and see what fortune each of them brings.

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The place became well known after someone hit the Jackpot after praying at the Torinokosan Shrine.

When I visited it, I also wrote my wish to win and put it in the small post office box after praying for happiness and luck, and then had lots of fun exploring the surroundings.

Torinokosan Jinja Official Website</p>


You can purchase Takarakuji throughout the year and now, you can even do so online here, on their official website. However, you will need to fulfill the conditions written on the website and can only purchase with the cash cards written there.

This year, I also tried buying Nenmatsu Jumbo, Bara, one set of 10 tickets for 3,000 yen after going to the good fortune shrine and I will find out the outcome on 31st of December; until then, fingers crossed.

In case you decide to purchase the Takarakuji lotto, I wish you good luck! Even if you don’t plan on doing so, the shrines above are amazing power spots and will bring you a lot of peace in your mind and souls, so I recommend visiting them if you get the chance!

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