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Japan Travel: Top Spots to Visit in Aomori Prefecture

Blessed with nature and many other idyllic spots, Aomori is situated in the far north of the island and one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to visit in Japan (or live).

I lived in Aomori Prefecture, most exactly in Hirosaki, a city in Aomori and had the opportunity to explore this magical place while studying there, therefore here are a few of the places I recommend in Aomori:

1. Lake Towada

One of the biggest crater lakes in Honshu is located between Aomori and Akita and has become well-known due to its depth (about 327 m deep) and the surreal panorama it offers makes worth the visit.

I recommend visiting it during autumn and enjoy everything that surrounds the place by hiking around the forests or getting on a cruise boat or canoe for a memorable experience and a fantastic view of the lake.


2. Aoike Pond/ Lake Juniko(Twelve Lakes)

Situated in the western part of Tohoku Region’s UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi/Shirakami Mountains, on the Aomori ken side, a group of 33 lakes and ponds that extend over a 4km area can be discovered.

These lakes are known under the name of Juniko (Twelve Lakes) and between them, Aoike Pond is the most famous because of its mysterious color of cobalt blue waters. The mystery that surrounds the lake’s mystical colors makes it even more special and the lake looks like it has blue ink instead of water.

The view and nature surrounding the place are unforgettable and you will get a unique experience by choosing to visit it.


3. Hakkoda Ski Resort

For powder snow skiing or snowboarding, Hakkoda Mountains located in Aomori are a perfect choice. Available from late November to mid-May, fill your trip with more adrenaline, fresh air and exciting ski/snowboarding slopes at the Hakkoda Ski Resort.


4. Hasshoku Center in Hachinohe

Looking for fresh seafood and souvenirs? Then, Hasshoku Center is the place for you! Hasshoku Center is a giant market that has delicious seafood, seasonal vegetables and plenty of souvenirs to choose from.

Enjoy exploring its surroundings, grill the seafood yourself and fill your tummy with the tastiest dishes in Aomori.


Aomori Prefecture has lots of many other places to explore, plenty of appetizing dishes and various things to do, so take your time and enjoy discovering one of Japan’s most beautiful prefectures.

By - cinnamonellie.