Japan’s Studio Ghibli merchandise wonderland Donguri Republic (Donguri Kyowakoku) have a massive range of goods to suit any fan’s needs. Ghibli-inspired clothing, tableware, and even teas can be found, and like the films, all their designs are suitably charming.

Recently the store released some delightful character standing clocks, and now they’ve taken care of your hours, they want to help fans keep track of their days too, with some beautifully designed perpetual calendars.

Each of the three designs show classic scenes from much-loved animations, and come with calendar cubes so it can be used forever.

You can even artistically arrange the cubes however you choose, and have fun changing the date manually each day.

The My Neighbour Totoro calendar (3800 yen) is called ‘Ocarina Concert’ and the cubes are arranged in a jaunty vertical manner thanks to the tree design.

‘Early Morning Sales Clerk’ is the name of the Kiki’s Delivery service calendar (4500 yen), which lets you rest the cubes around a bored Kiki and Jiji on the bakery’s counter.

The Spirited Away design (3800 yen) portrays one of the most iconic scenes in the movie, Chihiro and No-Face riding the ocean train. There’s even a place on No-Face’s lap to sit one of the calendar cubes.

Any of these calendars would make a great addition to a desk or window sill, since they are just as attractive as decoration as they are practical calendars.

The calendars are scheduled to go on sale around the end of December, and will be available both instore at Donguri Kyowakoku or through the online store.

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By - Jess.