Source: PR Times

Coca-Cola Japan Releases First Ever Strawberry Coke

When Coca-Cola Japan isn't decorating their bottles with beautiful cherry blossom labels, they seem to be introducing seasonal releases of "world firsts", as they recently did with the first ever peach and apple flavored Coca-Cola. Starting January 20th, they'll be adding another first to their resume with the world's first strawberry flavored Coca-Cola.

The new flavor of Coke is marketed with the slogan "Drink a strawberry reward", and adds a sweet strawberry flavor to the classic Coca-Cola formula. Strawberries are a popular seasonal treat during Japanese winter, so its being released as a limited edition seasonal flavor. It's pink and red label is decorated with a fizzy strawberry.

The strawberry flavored Coca-Cola will go on sale throughout Japan starting January 20th for a limited time, so be sure to hunt it down if you want to give it a try.

By - Big Neko.