In Japan, as in many countries around the world, striking a harmonious work-life balance is a serious challenge. When the balance tips on the side of work, one of the first things to get sacrificed is rest. Sleep debt has become a social issue, creating a demand for gadgets such as inflatable hoodies and cushions which let you take a nap at work, as well as sleep cafes giving sleep-deprived workers a chance for a quick siesta or a more prolonged nap.

One could even argue that iyashi-kei 癒し系 (healing) characters such as Gudetama, a lazy egg always lounging around or relaxing, represent a kind of soft strategy addressing the stressful and overworked lifestyles many in Japan currently lead.

Perhaps this helps to contextualize toy maker Kitan Club's new capsule toy, Guuskapii Nekochan, a series of figurines of adorable sleeping cats with peaceful smiles on their faces tucked into cozy-looking beds.

© Kitan Club

The catchphrase (or rather, cat phrase) in the advertising beckons you with:
「~きょうは もう ねよう~」 ("Let's call it a day and go to bed.")

That's right. For 300 JPY, or less than the price of a cup of chamomile tea, you can now buy your own Guuskapii Nekochan that could be both a soothing and relaxing presence on your desk or workspace as well as a gentle reminder to catch some sleep. Perfect to own or give as a gift to a workaholic friend.

Guuskapii Nekochan lineup

© Kitan Club

The figurines come in five varieties:

White (L) and Grey (R)

© Kitan Club

Red tabby (L) and Calico (R)

© Kitan Club

Black and White

© Kitan Club

You can find Guusakpii Nekochan in capsule toy dispensers across Japan.

For more information, see the official product page on Kitan Club's website.

By - Ben K.