TENGA is Japan's leading masturbatory aid maker, continues on its adult goods roll of creative promotions--including releasing their very own vending machines, "hybrid energy drinks", and even a pop-up curry shop. To celebrate the release of the new GEO model of their popular "hole series", TENGA is offering a social media lottery that will reward a lucky few with a "sofa that makes humanity feel good."

The TENGA GEO series is a lineup of geometric masturbatory goods that come with "luxurious gel" and are available in Aqua, Coral, and Glacier models.

While that's probably enough to entice TENGA fans, the company is running a Twitter campaign. By following on Twitter and retweeting the below Tweet, three lucky winners will be selected from a lottery (and informed via DM) to win the sofa below--one which TENGA says is designed to "make humanity feel better" and encourages users to...enjoy. There's no real explanation of any technical function that makes you feel better, but we supposed TENGA's idea is that you help yourself to their GEO series when you take a seat.

Only those above 18 in Japan will be eligible to win, and have until January 31st to enter.

By - Big Neko.