Last year we reported on the first ever branch of Machi Machi in Japan located in Harajuku. This bubble tea stand's cheese tea is so divinely creamy that it was dubbed ‘god' cheese tea by the local media back in Taiwan where it originally started.

Cheese tea may sound like an unappetising concept, but don’t worry, you won't find slices of cheddar floating in the beverages or anything. The ‘cheese’ refers to the velvety and thick topping, which contains cream cheese, but does not have an overly cheesy taste and is, in fact, the perfect salty companion for sweet tea. Just think of it as cheesecake, but for tea.

Now, thanks to the heavenly viscosity of the dearly beloved ‘cheese’ topping, Machi Machi has several stands all over Japan.

With Valentine’s Day coming next month, you can be prepared for a deluge of chocolatey creations in many Japanese stores, and this year it looks like Machi Machi are also preparing to indulge the loved-up chocoholics with a brand new drink.

For the Rich Choco Cheese Tea (680 yen), Machi Machi have combined chocolate and Taiwanese jasmine green tea for a whole new cheese tea sensation. A heart shaped pretzel hammers home the Valentine’s theme even further.

A cookie straw is also available for 50 yen to give an extra touch of sweetness, and you can add tapioca balls to any of Machi Machi's beverages to make it a bubble cheese tea.

The chocolatey and cheesy match made in heaven will be available at Machi Machi stands from 24th January to 2nd March 2020 (check out their website for locations).

Machi Machi Japanese website

By - Jess.