One of Hokkaido’s most strange and beautiful attractions, the fairy-tale like Blue Pond became known worldwide when its arresting scenery was utilised for an iOS wallpaper

While one may not typically look at the landscape and instantly think it would look great as a cup of tea, Felissimo is a Japanese company which takes inspiration from many interesting places for their charming merchandise. Previously they have created hyper realistic oyster bags, Buddhist statue cat scratching posts, and cat drool moisturiser. So really, Blue Pond tea isn’t that odd of an idea after all.

Felissimo have combined jasmine and butterfly pea to create a tea which can express the charms of Hokkaido’s Blue Pond, in tasty hot beverage form. A type of bird which can commonly be seen in the area, the long-tailed tit, is also used as a motif in the product’s design.

The tea looks most like its inspiration when brewed in a clear cup. Felissimo have even added a grey twig to the cuppa in this photo to resemble the spiky, dead trees which can be seen poking out of the pond.

The original blend’s teabags can be bought in four different designs reflecting the various faces of the blue pond’s scenery. Depending on the weather, season, and time of day, the pond itself can appear to be a startling cobalt blue, a mysterious green or even a dark, glassy mirror.

One design encapsulates 'new leaves at Blue Pond'.

Or there's 'autumn leaves at Blue Pond'.

Snowy scenery at Blue Pond.

Wintry night at Blue Pond.

Each set comes with five tea bags and can be found on Felissimo's Japanese online store.

If you’re not particularly into tea but have fallen in love with the adorable birds, the long-tailed tit also makes an appearance in some of Felissimo’s other items.

If you want to know the reason behind the blue pond’s mysterious and ethereal appearance (spoiler alert: it's not completely natural!), check out our article 'The Secrets of Hokkaido’s Mysterious Blue Pond' which details how it came to be!

By - Jess.