TENGA is Japan's leading adult goods and masturbatory aid maker, and when they aren't installing first-ever vending machines, running curry shops, or introducing a "sofa that makes humanity feel good", they release their own magazine called "Monthly TENGA".

The latest edition features a round-table discussion with foreigners residing in Japan (asking their views on the sex life of Japanese people) as its main feature, but also a questionnaire conducted among people from nine different countries (including Japan) asking them to rank how pleasurable they found a number of activities. While "having sex" ranked at the top for several countries, in Japan the act of coitus was beaten out, in order, by "eating delicious food", "spending time with your loved one", "holding someone" and "laughter".

The graph below compares rankings indicated by number (1-14) by country, with the "pleasurable activities" listed on the left in Japanese. We've provided a translation of each activity (in order) below.

・Having sex.

・Spending time with your loved one.


・Holding someone.

・Getting into the shower or bath.


・Eating delicious food.

・A massage.

・Visiting someplace beautiful.

・Lying down on a bed with clean sheets.

・Quenching a parched throat.

・Playing with animals.

・Putting your arms through the sleeves of clean clothes.

・Sports or exercising.

Another question asked "how satisfied have you been with your partner's sexual performance in the last year?" Dark blue indicates "extremely satisfied", blue indicates "somewhat satisfied", dark grey "not really satisfied", light grey "not satisfied at all", and white "none of the above."

When observing Japan's low partner satisfaction ranking, a round table commenter from China said "Japanese people have a culture that is abundant with sexual manga and adult videos, so maybe there is a gap between expectation and reality," while a commenter from Spain commented on her country's high ranking by saying "In Spain, there are a lot of people who will openly tell their partner what they like in order to achieve satisfaction."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.