The association between chocolate and Valentine’s Day is much stronger in Japan than other countries, with the holiday often being observed as a chocolate gifting frenzy.

So naturally, thanks to the country's obsession with seasonal and limited time only treats, we can all prepare for a deluge of chocolate products during the months of January and February.

Starting from 17th January, Starbucks are wowing Japan’s romantics with not just one, but three chocolate filled beverages to enjoy the loved-up season with, and an extra chocolately add-on to customise drinks with is on offer too.

The series is called ‘Chocolate with…’ and there’s something to suit everyone, including hot and chilled drinks, with various flavours to choose from. Unless you don’t like chocolate, in which case, you might want to sit this one out.

First up is for those who enjoy a classic chocolate and nuts combo. ‘Chocolate with Almond Praline Frappuccino’ consists of a coffee and chocolate flavoured frozen base slathered with chocolate and caramel sauce. Upon the whipped cream topping sits candied almonds, and even more chocolate sauce. A Valentine’s treat for the chocolate traditionalists.

The next option brings a juicy and tropical flavour to the lineup. 'Chocolate with Passionfruit Frappuccino' also starts off with a chocolate base, but takes it in a different direction with tangy passionfruit sauce and chocolate chips. Shaved sweet chocolate is sprinkled on top as a finishing touch.

Despite the summery connotations of passionfruit, it is still pretty chilly out there during January and February, so a hot beverage is a very necessary addition. The hot one is called ‘White Chocolate with Latte'. The usual espresso and milk combo gets the added cocoa butter richness of couverture chocolate for a warming and cosy beverage.

If these all seem a bit over the top for you, a casual enjoyer of chocolate, Starbucks will be doing a limited time only add-on. You can customise your usual drip coffee or Starbucks latte with a creamy chocolate mousse top.

All these tempting treats will be available in Starbucks branches all over Japan from 17th January until the big day itself on 14th February.

By - Jess.