The release of 'The Rise of Skywalker' towards the end of last year, marked the end of the Skywalker Saga which has delighted fans for over 40 years. Sad as this may be, as usual Japan has risen to the occasion in the way they know best. A themed cafe inspired by the beloved movies.

Five major Japanese cities are playing host to a delicious taste of the Force in museum-style cafes where Star Wars fans can discuss the series and pick up some tasty dishes, in surroundings inspired by the series’ precious concept art.

The menu items all pay homage to various characters and motifs from the Star Wars series, including recreations of fantastical food actually seen in the movies.

The famous ‘galaxy far far away’ opening has been recreated in a black curry dish.

And who knew the dark side could be so healthy? Darth Vader makes an appearance on a leafy roast beef plate, which has plenty of red elements to reflect his famous lightsaber.

BB-8’s desert run is portrayed as a shrimp gratin. Since shrimp is ‘ebi’ in Japanese, the dish is called ‘ebi-B-8 gratin’. Get it?

Like the vast greenery of Endor’s forest, ewoks can easily hide in the thickets of this pasta salad.

You can also taste Yoda’s root-leaf stew and judge for yourself if it’s as bad as Luke Skywalker claimed.

The much-loved comic relief duo R2-D2 and C-3PO each have a burger to represent them on this friendship burger plate.

The portion bread eaten by Rey, and the famous blue milk from the movies have amazingly been recreated in our own galaxy for this limited time only menu.

There’s three lightsaber drinks to choose from, each one is based on a different character’s lightsaber. If you pay a bit more you can even take home an awesome coaster with each character attached. Yoda’s green lightsaber drink is melon flavour, Darth Vader’s is blood orange and Luke Skywalker’s is ramune.

Or you can fully turn yourself over to the Dark Side with this black coffee. It costs 600 yen, or you can pay 1750 yen to take one of the special flasks that it's served in home with you. The design shows the iconic block of text seen at the beginning of the movies.

There's plenty of original goods on offer too, including a special 'Oh My Cafe Series' featuring the actual menu items, so you can remember them for light years to come.

If you spend over 1000 yen on merchandise you'll also receive this awesome shopping bag.

So there you have it. Veritable Star Wars wonderlands are currently underway in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka. If you can't resist an excuse to geek out, check out the official website to reserve a table at one of the host cafes.

By - Jess.