Photo by Toby M

We visit ONE PIECE Mugiwara Cafe for an Ace Birthday Meal

January 1st was a very special day, especially if you’re a One Piece fan. Sure, it was the start of 2020, but more importantly, it was the birthday of lovable protagonist Monkey D. Luffy’s big brother: Portgas D. Ace.

“Fire Fist Ace”, the fire spinning pirate adventurer is one of hit anime and manga One Piece’s most popular characters (despite his limited screen time). To celebrate his fictional birthday, the Mugiwara Restaurant in Tokyo Tower has created a limited-time menu available from January 1st - 31st. Being big fans ourselves this ignited our interest and appetites, so we headed down to Tokyo Tower to check out the new menu.

Mugiwara Cafe

To enjoy the new birthday menu, you first have to travel to Tokyo Tower. There are two One Piece themed eateries on the 1st floor of the tower, both free to enter. The Mugiwara Cafe provides tasty cafe-style foods like pancakes, burgers and rice bowls inspired by One Piece. Sanji’s Oresama restaurant is pirate ship themed and provides more substantial dishes, many of which appear in the anime, and a buffet menu.

We took a seat in the Mugiwara cafe and enjoyed the surroundings, walls of free to enjoy manage and props from the show, while we waited for our order.

The Menu

There are 3 items on the “Fire Fist Ace” birthday menu, a main dish and drink themed around Ace, and one drink inspired by Eustass Kid, another powerful young pirate from the Once Piece series.

Ace's Grill Chicken Dog

Photo by Toby M

The menu boasts that this hot dog has a Firefirst design. It consists of a soft roll, filled with juicy chicken and topped with ketchup and red cheddar cheese flames. With the fire-red crispy onions heaped on top, the whole dish looks like it’s aflame! There’s a garnish of tomatoes designed to look like Ace’s red beaded necklace, and some paprika doritos. It looks great and when you take a bite, your mouth is engulfed in an inferno of meaty, paprika flavor!

Photo by Toby M

The hot dog also comes with a commemorative birthday card so you can rekindle your fond memories of Ace and the Mugiwara cafe every January.

Price:¥1500 (inc. tax)

Portgas D. Ace Blood Orange Light

Photo by Toby M

To wash the Chicken Dog down, you can also enjoy a blood orange and mango juice cocktail drink topped with mixed berries. The juices combine to give a gradient effect which is designed to look like the contents of the bottle are on fire. Far from burning your tongue, this drink is deliciously fruity and refreshing.

Price:¥1300 (inc. tax)

You can also keep this cool looking commemorative bottle decorated with a special Fire Fist design.

Kid’s Passion Red Coke

This cocktail is a cola based cocktail with strawberry syrup to give it a red appearance like Kid’s hair color in the anime. Mixed with lemon, this tangy, fizzy cocktail is lively and loud like the Kid’s personality and image in the anime.

Again, you can keep the bottle which has commemorative Kid design but we’re not kidding when we say you’ll have a hard time filling it with anything as delicious as this cocktail.

Price:¥1300 (inc. tax)


If you’re a One Piece fan visiting Tokyo this January, then we urge you to go check out the Mugiwara Cafe and celebrate Ace’s birthday with this ace menu.

By - Toby M.