Mr Donut is well known for its innovative collaborations with other chefs and popular franchises, like these gotta eat em all Pokémon donuts. Japan’s national donut chain is reaching for new heights in 2020 however, by partnering with the “world’s best patissier” to bring us what we can only assume are “the world’s best donuts”.

Mr. Donut meets Pierre Hermé, the chain’s first collaboration in 2020, brings a range of 6 eye-catching, mouth-wateringly delicious donuts designed by Pierre Hermé. Mr. Hermé is not only France's best pastry chef, but was dubbed the world’s best pastry chef in 2016. His patisseries ring the globe, and he is famous for his art like pastries featuring unique flavor combinations. In fact, the designs for Mr. Donut are based on some of his most classic cakes so now everyone across Japan can enjoy his elaborate creations without having to venture to Tokyo.

Let’s take a look at the doughy masterpieces that have been born from this marriage of French design and Japanese dough-craftsmanship.

Mr. Donut meets Pierre Hermé

Pon de Ispahan (Rose & Lychee & Framboise)

This donut combines Mr. Donut’s classic pon de ring with Hermé’s classic Ispahan maccaron. The flamboise flavored donut is filled with a rose and litchi cream and decorated with raspberry flavored chocolate and raspberry pieces. Every bite promises to burst with fruity French sophistication and mochi-mochi, fluffy but chewy, texture that characterizes the pon de ring.

  • Takeout: ¥ 194 (tax included)
  • Eat-in: ¥ 198 (tax included)

Satine Fashion (Orange & Passion Fruit & Cream Cheese)

An old fashioned type donut with crisp, rich dough topped with Pierre Hermé’s “Satine” flavor: a mousse-like orange and passion fruit cream cheese. Exotic and indulgent!

  • Takeout: ¥ 183 (tax included)
  • Eat-in: ¥ 187 (tax included)

Carrément Chocolat (Chocolat Noir)

A donut based on Pierre Hermé’s very own ode to Chocolate, Carrément. The filling is chocolate ganache whip, ganache cream, and candied almonds, sandwiched between the signature chocolate dough. The playful mixture of crunch, crisp and creamy textures adds a little extra something for you chocaholics who think you’ve tried it all.

  • Takeout: ¥ 237 (tax included)
  • Eat-in: ¥ 242 (tax included)

Financier Donuts

The next three donuts are financier inspired, a kind of french cake made from almonds with a crisp exterior. These donuts are so elegant that you’ll be given a dessert spoon to eat with if you choose to eat in-store.

Chloe (chocolat & framboise)

This donut looks like a choux cream made of crispy chocolate dough and oozes with ganache cream, ganache whip and slightly tart, slightly sweet framboise jam. Bon appétit.

  • Takeout: ¥ 248 (tax included)
  • Eat-in: ¥ 253 (tax included)

Mogador (chocolate-orange & passion fruit)

Mogador is a chocolate flavor created by Pierre Hermé. The Mogador donut is bursting with chocolate cream, ganache, orange and passion fruit jam, and deliciousness of course. The top is garnished with orange crumble making for a crisp exterior and creamy melty middle.

  • Takeout: ¥ 248 (tax included)
  • Eat-in: ¥ 253 (tax included)

Plenitude (chocolate & caramel)

Plentitude is perhaps the richest of the Pierre Hermé collection. A sandwich of crisp chocolate dough with luxurious chocolate ganache and two types of cream, one chocolate, the other salted caramel. It’s so indulgent that even after the first one you’ll still want to eat plenty of Plentitude.

  • Takeout: ¥ 248 (tax included)
  • Eat-in: ¥ 253 (tax included)

The Pierre Hermé donuts are available for a limited time from January 10th to the end of February. With 6 different donuts to choose from there’s something here for every sweet fan to go nuts for, but we recommend trying them all. In one go, if you’re anything like us.

Mr. Donut has done a lot of PR around this collaboration, including this attractive CM which features the eponymous chef himself:

By - Toby M.