When you think of museums, what first comes to mind isn’t the word “weird”, is it?

How about if I put together museums and Japan? Well, you’d think Japan has some crazy stuff going on, but even so, how weird can a museum be?

I will just say Poop Museum, Parasitological Museum, Chinpōkan and the Museum of Life and Sex in Ikaho City (out of the four, probably the top spot of unique and crazy museums in all Japan is the Museum of Life and Sex in Gunma).

Now that I got your attention, let’s start with:

Unko Museum (or the Poop Museum)

After its success in Yokohama, the museum now opened in Odaiba’s DiverCity Tokyo Plaza on the shopping mall’s 2nd floor.

With a theme of “Max Unko Kawaii”, unko meaning poop in Japanese and kawaii being the word for cute (but you probably already know that), you will have an opportunity to see the maximum cuteness of …poop.

I know what you might be thinking because it was the same for me before seeing the actual exhibition, but this poop is not just any ordinary poop, it is pastel-colored with an aspect of perfectly shaped soft cream, similar to Moko Moko Soft-serve ice cream, a thick, but fluffy looking soft cream that gained popularity due to its round and perfect shape.

In the Unko museum, not only you can enjoy the poop projections, flying poop, bright exhibits, but you can also try out various games in the un-teractive zone.

Experience all the different zones, a shit-game center, retro-inspired games and get some information about the bowel movements in the un-intelligence area.

Enjoy the poop illustrations drawn by famous people and take your time exploring the UNstagentic, UNteractive, UNtelligence, UNKO Factory and Kuso Game Center.

Let’s not forget to pass by the Power Spot of the exhibition: UNBERTO no Ma (Unberto’s Room), where no one other than Unberto, the only deity of poop is enshrined.

Pretty exciting, right?

I recommend purchasing the tickets in advance and take your time enjoying all different poop-related areas. It is a strange museum and idea, but a very fun experience.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and you can purchase the tickets here.

For more information about the prices, check out the Unko Museum Official Website.


The Parasitological Museum in Meguro, Tokyo

This museum is an unusual one and as you probably guessed already, it is a museum about parasites (including those who live in human bodies and a long tape-worm of 9 meters removed from the body of a patient!). It probably sounds repulsive, but you can find a lot of information regarding parasites and has over 300 specimens of them, so it can be quite fascinating to explore.

However, I don’t recommend going there after eating or making plans for lunch after.

Find out more information on the Museum’s Official Website.


Museum of Life and Sex in Gunma

I believe you need to be over 18 years old to explore this museum because as the name implies, this museum teaches you the good aspects of sexual desires, sexuality, and pleasure with explicit panels, statues, and videos.

There are even signs at the entrance and inside the museum to warn you.

The museum has two floors and on the first floor, you will find information about differences between men and women bodies, sex education for children, giving birth and sex and learning about sex.

To be honest, the first floor’s explanations are not that different from what we usually learn in school.

Even though it is explained very well, sometimes you can see weird objects around, so it might be pretty strange at first. The information itself is very nicely explained and very informative. You can even see yourself how it feels to be pregnant using the objects on display and watch a video on childbirth.

Besides that, on the 1st floor, you will discover gynecology chairs, explicit videos about putting on condoms and sexual intercourse, diseases you can get through sex, limited edition condoms and also a guide to tampons for women.

Before going to the second floor, you will discover a sign that says “pleasure is on the second floor”.

The second floor is well, full of sadistic and masochistic items you can even try out.

Overall, there are things to learn about sexual education, but also pretty crazy things going on.

You can find more on their official website here.


Chinpōkan in Gunma City

Very close to the Museum of Life and Sex, you will find the Chinpōkan 珍宝館. Chinpō means "rare treasure," but sounds nearly identical to the slang term for penis.

This museum became quite famous after appearing in the Japanese Show Getsuyō Kara Yofukashi, so many people are visiting it now.

The admission fee is 1,300 yen and even those who are not 18 years old yet can visit it as long as they are accompanied by an adult (free admission for Junior High School students or younger).

The person who greets you at the entrance is a lady, called Chinko san (Ms. Penis) and before you come inside she grabs your “balls” and comments about them.

Chinko san is very funny and there are many interesting exhibits, too. The most popular souvenir is the chinko ame candy that comes in different sizes.

You can find out more here, on their official website.


By - cinnamonellie.