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PayPay Announces 40% Bonus Points Campaign

Japan’s cashless revolution continues. The electronic payment app PayPay announced on January 17, 2020 a new 40% Bonus Points Campaign that will run from February 1st until the 29th.

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Chart by © grape Japan. Translations are ours. Please refer to PayPay's official website for additional campaign details.

All across Japan, customers who use PayPay at over 6,500 restaurants and cafes, and 21,000 vending machines will receive 40% of the purchase price as a PayPay bonus. This bonus amount will be returned to your PayPay account a month after the purchase date and can be used for future payments.

Users can receive up to 500 yen back on each purchase. Users are limited to receiving 1,500 yen back during this one-month period.

Yahoo! Premium members receive 50% back if they are logged into PayPay as either SoftBank or Y!Mobile users.

The establishments listed below are included in this campaign:

  • サンマルクカフェ St. Marc Café
  • すき家 Sukiya
  • Hiday Hidaka Corp.’s chain restaurants including:
  • ☞ 日高屋 Hidakaya
  • ☞ 中華一番 Chūka Ichiban
  • ☞ 来来亭Rairaitei
  • ☞ ラーメン日高屋 Ramen Hidakaya
  • ☞ ちゃんぽん菜ノ宮 Chanpon Nanomiya
  • Coke ON – Coca Cola vending machines
  • B-R サティワンアイスクリーム Baskin Robbins
  • Matsuya Foods Holdings including:
  • ☞ 松屋 Matsuya
  • ☞ 松のや Matsunoya
  • ☞ 松乃屋 Matsunoya
  • ☞ チキン亭 Chicken-Tei
  • ☞ マイカリー食堂 MyCurry Shokudo
  • ☞ ヽ松 Tenmatsu
  • ☞ 松そば Matsusoba
  • ☞ ステーキ屋松 Steak & Grill Matsu
  • 吉野家 Yoshinoya

For those new to PayPay, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store for free.

Upon downloading the PayPay app, register an account with your phone number. Or you can register with your Yahoo! Japan ID.

Once registered, you need to link PayPay to a Japanese bank account or credit card. You can then charge money to your PayPay account.

From PayPay, Apple Pay, LINE Pay, etc., the list of mobile payment apps just keeps growing. Why not get started now and take advantage of PayPay’s February campaign?

By - Mujo.