In Japan, advances such as switches to high quality silicone and customization options have made love dolls--realistic life-sized dolls used as companions for romance and sex--startlingly realistic. Now love dolls can be human to the end, with a new traditional Japanese funeral service for dearly departed love dolls launching.

In response to an internet survey where many respondents said they would want a formal funeral service to depart with no longer sufficient (broken, beaten up, or "used" love dolls) Ningen Love Doll company is introducing funeral services. They come in three separate packages:

Doll Joint Funeral Plan: A package where you share funeral service with other love dolls, including a funeral certificate and commemorative photo/video 30,000 yen.

Doll Funeral Plan: A personal package where your love doll has a funeral and memorial service, including a funeral certificate and commemorative photo/video. 50,000 yen:

Doll Angel Funeral Plan: The funeral package lets accompany your doll to the “processing facility” after the funeral and attend the funeral in person. The funeral home disassembles your doll so it’s suited to owners who want to keep their doll intact and don’t want their doll to be destroyed by a machine by a waste disposal company. You can also have them read a letter addressed to your doll, take a portrait photo of your doll, get a funeral certificate and have videos or photos taken. For those who request it you can also get to keep a part of your doll as a keepsake 90,000 yen.

You can head to Ningen Love Doll's website should you have any concerns giving your love doll a memorial departure.

By - Big Neko.