Hina-matsuri, also known as Girls’ Day, is a day of celebration in which Japanese people pray for the continued health and growth of their female children.

This year, Japanese confection-making chain Ginza Cozy Corner have created the perfect gift for girls on that special day, inspired by the ever-popular Disney Princesses and other female characters.

Although the cakes are aimed at a young girls, people of any age, especially those who recognise these classic characters from their childhood, will also be drawn to these adorable creations.

Can you guess the famous Disney lady just from the cake designs?

The majority of the cakes are inspired by iconic Disney Princesses, but there’s a bit of animal representation too. They’ve used the colours of the character’s hair and dresses, plus various recognisable motifs, such as bows and tiaras, to form these colourful and cute mini cakes.

If you couldn’t guess them all, the characters are shown in their correct positions on the packaging, in a super cute chibi style illustration.

Starting from the bottom row, the Minnie Mouse cake is raspberry flavoured, and sports her iconic red bow and spotty dress ensemble. Marie from The Aristocats is represented by a strawberry and milk cream roll cake which looks as white and fluffy as the kitten herself. The yellow lemon flavour tart is easily identified as a nod to Belle’s ballgown.

In the middle row, naturally the Snow White offering is apple flavoured, and it has a soda flavoured accent to it as well. The centre confection is a bit of a curveball since it doesn’t relate to any Disney character at all. It’s simply a delicious present with blueberry and condensed milk cream. After that, Ariel’s ocean home is a refreshing soda flavour.

The top line includes a blueberry and mint homage to Princess Jasmine and Cinderella’s lost shoe can be found atop a blueberry jam rare cheesecake. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty's pink dress is portrayed with a peach cream tart.

This lovely character-inspired cake set will be on sale at branches of Ginza Cozy Corner, costing 2700 yen, from 15th February until 3rd March. You can even pre-order one now if you want to secure one for a special lady in your life on Girls' Day. Even if that special lady is yourself, no judgement here.

By - Jess.