On January 26, 2020, Tokyo Tower will be lit in the colors of the Australian national flag as a sign of solidarity for the victims of the bushfires that have been happening in various parts of Australia.

Australia is currently experiencing a disastrous spread of bushfires all throughout the country. The fires began in September 2019, and have been causing extensive damage that’s lead to the loss of more than 2,000 homes, 10 million hectares of land. According to the Japan Times, as of January 23, 2020, the fires have also reportedly taken the lives of 32 people and scientists estimate that 1 billion animals have already perished.

The news of the light display was announced by Tokyo Tower through a press release, which also mentions that a call to famous towers all over the world was made by the World Federation of Great Towers in response to the crisis.

The press release also mentions other towers in other parts of the world taking part in the movement. Famous towers such as the Empire State Building in New York, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the Calgary Tower in Canada have also started to change their colors to blue, white and red to represent the flag of Australia, or to Australia’s national colors of green and gold.

The Tokyo Tower Australian flag display will take place from January 26, 2020 (Sunday) at 5:01 PM and will end on January 27, 2020 (Monday) at 12:00 AM.

By - Jen Santelices.