Matcha, a classic element of traditional Japanese desserts, has exploded in popularity in recent years, with plenty of eateries in Japan serving up their own green tea creations.

In fact, thanks to the boom, we’ve encountered countless wonderful menu items. There's drinks like a classic Japanese tea time, or modern takes like bubble tea. Desserts are also par for the course with cheesecakes and the richest green tea gelato in the world. A little more surprisingly you can even find matcha savoury items like curry and noodles.

But a meal which is under-represented when it comes to matcha is surely breakfast.

American chocolate brand Hershey’s are hoping to fill that gap in the market with a matcha creation that green tea lovers can start their day off with.

Their ‘ChocoBits’, which can be found commonly in Japanese supermarkets, consists of chocolatey cereal pillows filled with milk cream. The new matcha version is filled with matcha white chocolate cream instead, bringing a Japanese twist to a classic combination.

Apart from the classic bowl of milk set-up, Hershey’s give a few ideas for ways to enjoy the cereal as a snack too. An ice cream topping, for example.

Or with puddings.

These chocolatey matcha morning treats can be found in various supermarkets and drug stores all over Japan starting from late January.

By - Jess.