Kichijoji is an area of Tokyo known for beautiful surroundings like its famous park, and various trendy cafes. But a new business that just opened is really bringing something different to the area.

Capy-Neko Cafe is Japan’s first ever cat and capybara cafe. As in a cafe where you can order a drink and also hang out with adorable animals.

Japan’s First Cat and Capybara Cafe

Although cats and capybaras may seem like an odd combination at first, according to the cafe these co-inhabitants are getting on swimmingly.

The capybara is the world’s largest rodent, and surprisingly, they like to be stroked and petted. Thanks to their gentle disposition, they can live peacefully with many other animals.

There’s several furry hosts in Capy-Neko Cafe.

There’s a capybara called Tawashi, who loves petting and snacks, and likes to snuggle up for an afternoon nap with kitties on the sofa.

Various cats of different colours and breeds are also around to play with.

The feline inhabitants of Capy-Neko Cafe are rescue cats, and in the interests of animal welfare, the cafe owners want to encourage people to adopt and foster rescue cats rather than buy from pet shops.

How to Get to Capy-Neko Cafe, Tokyo

The Cat and Capybara Cafe is open every day except Wednesday, from 12 until 6 pm. You can make a reservation on their website, or just drop in if you prefer.

Address: Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijoji Minamicho 1-5-10 PLANTANO 2F

Nearest station: Kichijoji

Capy-Neko Cafe website

By - Jess.