The long-awaited Final Fantasy VII remake’s release date was sadly pushed back recently. But lovers of the classic game can abate their sorrows by visiting the Square Enix Cafe, which is scheduled to have a full blown Final Fantasy VII makeover in celebration of the remake’s coming.

This limited time only collaboration cafe will not just be offering an awesome original menu with dishes inspired by the game’s characters and motifs, but the interior will also be revamped to reflect the theme.

The Osaka location and both Tokyo branches of the Square Enix Cafe will be participating, with some exclusive items to be had at each one.

Only some menu items have been revealed so far, including mains, desserts, and drinks.

There’s a parfait referencing flowers that can only bloom in a certain place, and a super adorable moogle face recreated as a sweet bean bun. A tasty looking risotto has also been teased.

The two drinks previewed both directly reference characters, namely the hero, Cloud, and his nemesis, Sephiroth. The two beverages are decorated with the characters’ weapons, and humorously, Cloud’s concoction has some fruit peel artfully draped on the glass to remind us of his spiky yellow hair.

A food order from the original menu comes with a complementary place mat, and to get your hands on an original coaster you can order a drink. For both these items the designs are given out randomly, and include ones exclusive to the Tokyo or Osaka location.

Aside from the freebies there's plenty of goods to be had in the merch shop as well.

The Final Fantasy takeover is split into two parts, firstly from 8th February to 17th March, then there will be a menu changeover for a reopening from 18th March until 24th April. Table reservations for the first round will be open online from 30th January 2020, from noon Japan time.

Square Enix Cafe website

By - Jess.