Tokyo butter specialist and bakery Canoble brands many of their sweets and goods as "edible butter", often because of the appearance of their goods and the high quality flavored butters they make (you may remember that they delivered a refreshing breakfast game changer with mint chocolate butter).

It appears that their first ever butter cake is no different and takes the butter ball and runs with it, as it's an "unbaked" "raw type" butter and sweet potato cake.

The Anno Imo Butter Cake uses no wheat or eggs is not to be baked. It's made by combining one month-aged anno imo, an orange sweet potato from Kagoshima with a particularly sweet honey-like flavor, which are baked at a low temperature and combined with well burnt butter and rock salt. The rich buttery flavor combined with the extra sweetness of anno imo, along with a particularly thick and moist "dough" creates a unique take on cake that feels like you're slicing and biting into a stick of butter.

Canoble's online store already sells the new raw butter cake, but they will also be made available for in person purchase starting February 10th at the Kanoburu Okayama store (9-2 Tenjincho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama) and Tokyo store (2-6-11 Yakumo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo) for 1,580 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.