The phrase: "so cute I could gobble you right up” doesn't do justice to the new Pompompurin Yaki sweet, currently available in Lawson convenience stores across Japan. Though it’s described as a dessert, we think it’s so adorably crafted that it could be exhibited in a sculpture museum.


The new dessert is modeled after a sleeping Pompompurin, Sanrio’s popular yellow labrador character, famous amongst fans for his chubby body and stylish beret. The exterior of the Pompompurin cake is sculpted out of sticky baked dough, and the inside if piped full of fluffy, sweet-pudding flavored cream. Much like the lovable character then, this cake is squishy, inviting customers to touch it and feel its satisfying texture.

Or something more?

A marriage of cute character and delicious desert, Pompompurin Yaki is both aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing. You get all the joy of an Instagramably cute character which then becomes a heavenly mouthful of spongy dough and airy cream. That’s if you can bring yourself to eat the helpless sleeping pup!

The Details

The sweet was released earlier this month by Bandai Co. Ltd.’s Candy Department and is available for a limited time only while stocks last. Hurry up and get your spoon and your smartphone ready, and enjoy this new desert before they’re gone!

Price: ¥146 (excluding tax)

For more information, visit their website here.

By - Toby M.