The niche but classy hobby of raising a glass of Japan's globally recognized Suntory whisky and saying "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time" just found itself with a new delicious, but expensive wrinkle. On Thursday, Suntory Holdings Ltd. announced that they will be selling a 55-year-old version of their celebrated Yamazaki single malt whisky--with each bottle priced at 3.3 million yen (roughly $30,258 USD at today's rate).

Suntory will be offering a limited batch of 100 700-milliliter bottles (3.3 million yen each, including tax) from its famed Yamazaki Distillery in Shimamoto, Osaka Prefecture. The Yamazaki 55 white oak and mizunara aged unblended malt whisky (46 percent alcohol content) from the 1960's, making it the oldest whiskys bottled in Japan. The online application perriod runs between February 5th and 14th, and are limited to Japanese addresses. Suntory will determine results by lottery should there be over 100 applicants.

The special packaging includes "Yamazaki 55" engraved into a crystal bottle (the "55" painted with gold powder and lacquer) and a wrapping of Echizen paper and braided cord on the bottle top. Suntory describes the whisky as having a complex fragrance and sweet taste followed by an aged and bitter woody finish.

By - Big Neko.