Harajuku is a fascinating area, very animated; full of life and most importantly, delicious food and coffee you can try out while exploring the surroundings.

I feel excited whenever I go there and always discover something new, so here are a few places I recommend if you are planning on getting lost in Harajuku and start your day with your favorite cup of coffee.

1. Deus Ex Machina

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The Latin name of the shop, “Deus Ex Machina” is translated as “God of the Machine” and as the name suggests, the café is a cool place with motorcycle displays and most importantly, delicious coffee!

There are vegan options available and you can even buy souvenirs while there. Last time, I took my time and enjoyed a good cup of soy latte and it tasted heavenly!

The café is very chill, spacious and quite famous for its nice atmosphere and delicious food and beverages.


2. Coffee Wrights & Higuma Doughnuts

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I love this place because of its beautiful décor and the perfect combination to keep me going through the day: coffee&donuts!

What else would you need?

The perfect sweetness of the donuts with various flavors and a cup of black coffee, seasonal menus and even merchandise available make this place one of the gems of Harajuku.

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The place is closer to Tokyo Metro Omotesando and very easy to spot. Prices are affordable and the donut x coffee combination is to die for!

If you are around, I also recommend stopping by Koffee Mameya and get the perfect beans for your coffee to make it at home.

Famous for the various coffee beans, many locals and tourists stop by to buy it or just get a cup of black coffee of their favorite blend.

You can try out different types of coffee and find the one that perfectly matches your tastes.


3. Sorama Gallery+coffee

Sorama gallery+coffee is a small café with wooden benches, delicious coffee and a nice and warm atmosphere that makes you feel relax while taking a sip of your favorite coffee.


4. Café Morinoterasu

A place filled with serenity and warmth, Café Morinoterasu has delicious coffee and a tasty tofu milk gelato you will not be able to resist.


I hope that if you come to Japan or visit Harajuku, you’ll take some time and stop by these four places and enjoy the good atmosphere with the different blends and dishes on the menu.

By - cinnamonellie.