One of the main stars of wagashi, or traditional Japanese confectionery, is manju, a type sweet dessert bun that come in a variety of flavors and fillings. Japanese arts and crafts specialist @unamuu2014 may have created the ultimate in forbidden wagashi with these shiba inu manju that would be too cute to eat--if you could!

unamuu2014 actually specializes in "fake sweets", as you can observe with their amazing, deceptive, and adorable capybara and kitty crafts.

As you can see, the "shiba manju" come in a variety of colors.

And up close are impossibly cute and round.


While you can't bite into these like corgi butt bread and shiba inu dango, you can follow @unamuu2014 on Twitter for amazingly cute and delicious (looking) creations!

By - Big Neko.