Lately, Nissin Cup Noodle seems to be flexing some creative muscle, releasing a series of beautifully animated One Piece collaboration commercials, a new brand of "all the nutrition you need in one day" ramen, and even a Final Fantasy Ultima Weapon spork for eating noodles. Now it appears they're releasing a new kitchen savior for frugal university students in the form of the first ever Nissin Cup Noodle Fried Rice--with mystery meat!

If you're put off by the name "mystery meat" (and who could blame you?) don't worry, as we found out earlier this year, it's actually internet slang for the seasoned minced pork and soybean mix of meat put into their famous instant ramen that Nissin has embraced as an official term. As it turns out, Nissin claims meaty bits benefit from a nice charred texture after frying, and so they've added them to their first ever release of fried rice, which is flavored with the pepper soy sauce broth of their flagship Cup Noodle. In essence, it's Cup Noodle-flavored fried rice.

The fried rice mix contains mystery meat, green onions, and eggs. It's slated to go on sale in Japan starting March 1st.

By - Big Neko.