Source: @5meify

Test Your Eyes: Can You Find the Hidden Pet?

When you think of camouflage, what comes to mind? Maybe chameleons blending in with a tree or soldiers wearing forest green camo uniforms. Some of you may even know that octopuses possess the power of camouflage. But you probably don’t think of house pets as being masters of disguise.

Twitter user Mei (@5meify) tweeted the image below of her garden, challenging her followers to find the hidden critter.

She says “I don’t remember living with anyone with such high mimicry abilities. Does anyone know where my Nechikoyan is? This is Level 100 difficulty.”

So can you find the hidden pet?

Thousands of users retweeted the image and when some asked if there were two cats, pointing to the wrong point in the photo Mei gave everyone a hint, posting this photograph with her kitty looking in a different direction.

Hopefully, you were able to find Mei’s tabby cat by now. If you weren’t, this video may give you an idea of what kind of furball you’re looking for.

Mei’s comment reads, “This isn’t for promotional purposes, but since it’s all abuzz I’ll just leave you this cute little hide-and-seek kitty clip.”

For those of you who are color blind or mild Deutans, you can find the cat in the images below:

By - Mujo.