Garrett’s ‘gourmet’ popcorn brand was first established in Chicago, but it found another home in Japan, where outrageously long queues became a fixture of their Harajuku branch every weekend.

The popcorn purveyors managed to fit right in with the snack landscape of the country by conforming to the demand for limited-time-only and seasonal flavours, not to mention the beautifully designed tins that can be bought to house your interestingly-flavoured popcorn. For New Year they debuted an especially fancy flavour, Matcha Truffle Caramel Crisp, along with a limited edition souvenir tin adorned with seasonally-appropriate Japanese motifs such as plum blossom.

Just like clockwork, the sakura-inspired treats are starting to show up, and Garrett Popcorn aren’t one to sit out this important season.

For their sakura-themed offering they’ve gone with ‘Berry Berry White Chocolate’ popcorn. This sweet and tart strawberry flavour gives the snack a cherry blossom-esque hue which should put anyone instantly in the spring mood.

But if this saccharine and fruity flavour doesn’t appeal to you, there’s a range of other flavours that can be served in the special souvenir tin.

For the tin’s design, a light pink has been contrasted with gold stripes for the background and copious amounts of sakura flowers bloom in the foreground.

Both the Berry Berry White Chocolate flavour popcorn and the Garrett Sakura tin are limited time only, and will be on sale in Garrett branches (which can be found in Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya and Osaka) from 15th February until 15th April.

By - Jess.