Spring is Japan’s favourite time of the year, and the inescapable national symbol of springtime is of course, sakura (cherry blossom). The main way to enjoy the transient floral phenomenon is an activity called ‘hanami’, literally translated as 'flower viewing', it means to partake in a picnic or stroll in an area densely populated with blossoming trees.

Any hanami would not be complete without cherry blossom themed and flavoured refreshments to enjoy. Thanks to this obsession with seasonally appropriate stuff, Japanese convenience store shelves will be awash with sakura pink.

One for the tea lovers, Lipton are releasing a special tea latte in addition to their usual lineup in the chilled drinks section of the convenience stores.


The limited-time-only beverage combines carefully selected black tea leaves, rich milk and fragrant sakura flavour to create the perfect accompaniment to Japanese spring scenery. Naturally the packaging is also adorned with a pink cherry blossom design to put you in the seasonal mood.

This chilled carton drink, which goes on sale from 18th February, would be very fitting for a picnic or on-the-go hanami stroll, but if you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, why not go for some sakura royal milk tea instant powder to enjoy a warm tea break at home?

By - Jess.