Perhaps if you were to combine the aesthetic of a Japanese service that creates wearable realistic replicas of your cat's head along with the super responsive capabilities of affectionate pet robot Lovot, you might end up with the latest release from Digidirect. The company, which designs "communication toys", is releasing a realistic furry cat robot that responds to the attention you invest in it with purrs, meows, and a very waggy tail.

The more you pet the robo-kitty...

...the more loving response you get!

It's called the Shippo Furifuri Amaenbou Neko-chan ("tail wagging spoiled kitty"), and certainly lives up to its name. The fluffy robot cat is installed with what Digidirect calls a "contact growth function", meaning the companion feline uses five different sensors to recognize its name and respond more and more affectionately to its owner the more it is pet. It does this with over 100 combiner tail movements, expressions, and meows.

The spoiled cat robot comes with a name registration system, so you can assign it a name it will respond to. Designed as a companion toy with realistic fur and a variety of expressions (it even purrs when you pet it enough), the cat has five sensory modes, automatically acts once every thirty minutes, and comes with "good night" and "good morning" functions as well.

The tail wagging spoiled kitty is priced at 19,800 yen and set to go on sale February 22nd at specialty toy stores and department toy stores around Japan. It's also expected to be made available on most internet retailers.

By - Big Neko.