When questionably named Adult Cream Pies aren't raising eyebrows, McDonald's Japan's dessert section is often dominated by a variety of seasonal releases that include Pikachu, Gudetama, and golden mochi custard McFlurry varieties.

Their latest McFlurry release is actually the revival of an old favorite--the Kit Kat McFlurry, which was debuted 7 years ago. McDonald's Japan notes it as one of their most popular flavors, and is now bringing the collaboration with Nestle back.

As you can probably guess from the images, the Kit Kat McFlurry combines soft serve vanilla ice cream with finely crushed Kit Kat bars for a wafery crunch, but also adds extra couverture chocolate bits and sauce.

The Kit Kat McFlurry will be returning to McDonald's throughout Japan from February 12th until the early half of March, priced at 290 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.